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WOULD IT DO ANY GOOD ~ About the song

When I first met Terri Jo Box, myspace was still the cool place to hangout online and that's exactly where we met…myspace! Remember the myspace profiles? Well, reading hers was like reading a female version of my own. Favorite artists, the same. Favorite TV shows, the same. We started talking and found out that we were both named after our daddies, our birthdays were just one day apart (same month and year), even our first cars were pretty much the same. I believe she had a '79 cutlass and my cutlass was a '78. Did I mention we had the same last name??? And on and on it goes. I've said it so many times. Simply put, she's one of the best talents and best kept secrets in all of Nashville and she's a sweetheart to boot.

When I come up with an idea for a new song, the lyrics and melody usually show up around the same time, as was the case wIth Would It Do Any Good, at least until I sat down with TJ. I walked into our writing session and said "here's what I'm thinking." She said, "Mark Box, let's do something different." Probably the best thing that she could've said because I love how this one turned out.

I should throw away that plastic cup 
With your lipstick stain on the floorboard of my truck
Would it do any good
And those footprints there on my windshield I oughta clean 'em off
Guess someday I will
But would it do any good

For me, I'm a drive arounder. Driving clears my head. Windows down, radio off, dash lights down, a long dark highway or backroad. If I'm ever going through something (like a breakup), a good drive is good therapy! The whole idea behind this song is about trying to get through a breakup. What should I get rid of? Where can I go? How many miles will it take to get over it? Those footprints actually belonged to one Michelle Box! HaHa Chelly had a habit of putting her feet up on the dashboard when we were riding around and her toe prints would always end up all over my windshield. I remember once we had broken up and her foot prints were all over her side of car. I washed the entire car inside and out, but I left those footprints there. Just wasn't quite ready to let go of them. HaHa

I could shoot that dashboard full of holes
For playing those sad songs on my radio
Would it do any good

Who remembers the song, "Bubba Shot The Jukebox" from Mark Chesnutt? It came out in the early 1990s and was about a guy who got upset about a jukebox playing a sad song that made him cry, so he went out to his truck, grabbed a gun, and shot it! That's where the idea for this line came from.

Yeah I could lie and call in sick again
Start drinking away another long weekend
But would it do any good

I could drive and drive 'til the wheels come off
And thumb my way up to Omaha
Get a job pumping gas at a Texaco

Catch a red eye flight to kingdom come
Take a ride on a rocket out past the sun
Take a time machine a few years down the road
If I could ever get that far away from you
Would it do any good

Couple of things going on with the chorus. Like I said earlier, I'm a drive arounder. Drive the wheels off of it and then thumb it...keep going. Omaha is a LONG way from anywhere I've been so I thought that would be as good of a place to go as any, not to mention that I could loosely rhyme it with the word "off". Originally, I was going to "get a job pumping gas at an Amoco." My first "real job" off the farm was at the North Church Amoco in Louisville, MS. I've had some great job opportunities, but my days at the Amoco were some of the best. By the time we sat down to write this song, most of the Amoco's had changed over to BP so we went with Texaco. Take a ride on a rocket out past the sun! TJ is a Texas girl from Nacogdoches which is maybe 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Houston, TX...Rocket Town. Time Machine, taking a ride on a rocket out past the sun, that's Houston. That's TJ loving on her state. And at the end, we ask the question, "if I could ever get that far away from you, would it do any good?"

I could call you up and say I was wrong
That nothing bout me's been right since you've been gone
But would it do any good

Yeah I can tell myself it was all your fault
That you never even really cared about me at all
But would it do any good

Man, us guys are the worst at this. We'll call our girl and say we're sorry for anything, not having a clue as to what we're saying we're sorry for if it'll fix whatever the problem is. "I can call you up say I was wrong…" After any breakup, after the sad "woe-is-me" is over, most people just get ticked off at the whole thing. That's where this line came from. 

"I can tell myself it was all your fault, that you never even really cared about me at all." Funny thing about this line. Originally, we had written "you never really gave a damn about me at all, but we are both scared of our mommas. I told her I was gonna tell my momma that it was her idea to put that in there and she said she was going to blame it on me. So when it came time to record, I chickened out and changed the line. HAHA

Now on the second chorus, we switched up the first half to say "thumb my way up to Saginaw, get a job running lines on a fishing boat." TJ and I are both big Merle Haggard fans. Back several years ago, Merle he recorded a Lefty Frizzell song called Saginaw Michigan that was written by Bill Anderson and Don Wayne that talked about his daddy being a fisherman there on the Saginaw Bay. It was actually a number one song for Lefty in 1964 and spent 23 weeks on the charts. You've heard to tipping the hat? Well, that was our tip of the hat to Lefty and the Hag. 

Co-writing is a bit like dating. Sometimes it works and other times, well, "it was good to meet you never again." I think this one worked out just fine. Terri Jo took it and pushed it in a whole different direction and that's what made it good. That's the beauty of a co-write. You know what they say…"two heads are better than one" and two Boxes might just be even better!

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